Analysis of current solutions for AAL, older care and disease management, Business models definitions

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Innovative ICT & Ageing-well solutions for older care and disease management have great potential for improving quality of life and sustainability of care for the ageing population. There are important initiatives on going at national, regional and local levels, but they are largely operating in isolation.

The primaryaimof the study was to identify existingsolutions for older care and disease management in Europe. The second objective is to examine and define business models related to ICT and Ageing well. But designing business models is a complex undertaking because different requirements (e.g. technical, user, organizational and financial requirements) need to be accommodated and balanced. Design choices in one domain (e.g. technical domain) may affect those of the other domains (e.g. user domain). This interrelatedness of design choices complicates the design of viable business models.

The business model describes how the entity will create value. It can involve the business’ purpose, offerings, strategies, infrastructure, organizational structures, trading practices, and operational processes and policies. So, too, appropriate technology can vary by business model, experts say. Technology can determine the business model as well.

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