Siperia Systems is a Finnish SME which main product is a software product for planning, controlling, follow-up and reporting elderly care services. The software is originally developed for managing the service production and developing the well-being of residents in senior service houses. The software is designed so that it can be used in all sizes of organizations providing and coordinating various home care, health and social related services. In this project the software will be enhanced and developed for the use of older persons in their homes to support their own daily activities for instance to get information about services, communicate with different stakeholders (home care, family members, insurance company, grocery store, hairdresser). The home care management part of Siperia Systems software have already been piloted in several carehouses in the city of Oulu in Finland. Those pilots ́ target end-user groups have been mainly home aid and health care persons.

Siperia Systems have been involved in various research and development projects funded by the Finnish Technology and Innovation financier Tekes.

Siperia Systems is working together with the Finnish Serious Games developer company Bellegames to have their Cognitive game (Bellememory) integrated in the LILY environment. The subcontracting here is reasonable because Bellegames is a microcompany.


VISAGE (SAS Camera-Contact) is a Research and Innovation, Social Telepresence Operator, company focused on ambient assistive technologies and services. Camera-Contact broadcasts products and services for the entertainment and healthcare through the terminals of elders. The purpose of Camera-Contact is to become a major actor for providing solutions in ambient assistive technologies and services. Camera-Contact is a spinoff of VisAge-1901, a not profit organisation. VisAge is the result of 9 years of experiments and development performed by researchers coming from the major French research organizations: CEA, CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, Supélec. VisAge is located in Limousin (France). The company has undersigned many successful projects on home services dedicated to elderly people. VISAGE has been involved in EU programs (FEDER & LEADER ) as subcontractor and as partner in National French ANR program verso (SweetHome). Large experience of members in FP7 European projects (GIACS, CO3 projects). National 2009 prize in the top10 most innovative young SME. Camera Contact provides 1) research and development on middleware and services approaches. This solution is actually used by public and private insurance in France for providing prevention services, by communities to contribute to the social help, by hospitals to make a link between hospital and home, by families to communicate with elders 2) hardware and software integration for home services and assistive ambient living and 3) service provider made by VisAge animator in contact with elders.


The Districal Joint Municipal Authority of Health Care in Raahe, Siikajoki, Pyhäjoki and Vihanti

The Districal Joint Municipal Authority of Health Care provides health services. The Main health center is in Raahe in the suburb of Pitkäkari, health center is also found in Pattijoki suburb and in Ruukki, Siikajoki, Pyhäjoki and Vihanti.

The Kummatti Senior Housing is a housing complex in the city of Raahe where the pilot apartment(s) is(are) situated. It is part of the NorthRuLL Living Lab, belonging to the European ENoLL.

The University of Oulu (UOULU) was founded in 1958 and it is among the largest
universities in Finland. The University of Oulu is an active scientific learning and research community of 17 000 students and 3000 staff members whose task is to promote well-being and education in Northern Finland by implementing high-quality international research. The University’s six faculties and their departments form a multidisciplinary academic institution that enables diversified studies and multifaceted research.

The University has been involved in the EU framework programme since FP4, and has been involved in more than 150 projects and networks, of which over 20 have been coordinated by the University.

The expertise relevant to the LILY project comes from the ongoing projects where UOULU is involved:

Value Creation in Smart Living Environments for Senior Citizens (VESC). This four year project (2009-2012) belongs to Finnish Academy’s recently launched Ubiquitous computing and diversity of communication (MOTIVE) program. The research consortium participating experts from University of Oulu are from information processing science, architecture,and medical technology

Platform for Smart Living Environment for Senior Citizens (P-SESC) This two year project (2009-2010) belongs to Academy of Finland and JSPS, Japan joint core research program. The research consortium consists of University of Oulu, information processing science, and Kyoto University, Medical Informatics .
Food Chain Management in Smart Living Environment for Senior Citizens (FCM-SESC) – a proposal to Academy of Finland and JSPS, Japan joint core research program and Future of Living research programs. The research consortium consists of University of Oulu, information processing science ,architecture and medical (geron)technology, and Nara Institute of Science and Technology NAIST, Nara, Japan

The printed electronics expertise to the LILY project is achieved through the PrintoCent Center of Excellence of UOULU which a leading expert concentration in Europe.

TUW (Technical University of Vienna, Austria)

ISTU – Institute “integrated study”, fortec – Research Group for Rehabilitation Technology.
Established in 1986 fortec forms a leading centre of expertise for Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology in Austria. The multidisciplinary team presently consists of eight scientists plus supporting and administrative personnel. fortec’s expertise is in R&D of assistive devices for disabled and old people mainly in the areas of alternative and augmentative communication, smart living environments, user interface design, mobility support, system evaluation and validation and ethics regarding involvement of vulnerable persons. Our activities cover analyses of user needs, development of concepts and prototypes, evaluation of prototypes in laboratory and in real life settings.

From the 14 EU funded projects which fortec has carried out in FP 4, FP 5 and FP 6 (seven of them as coordinator) the most relevant are:

  • AAL – Ambient Assistive Living (FP6/SSA): Developing an Article 169 initiative for increasing the independence and quality of life of old people.
  • SILC – Supporting independently living Citizens (FP5/IST): Development of a wrist worn sensor based alarm and life sign monitoring system for disabled and old people.
  • FRR – Friendly Rest Room (FP5/QoL): Development and field-testing of prototypes of new user friendly assistive toilets for older persons and/or persons with disabilities.
  • ENABLE – A wearable system supporting services to *enable* elderly people to live well, independently and at ease (FP6/IST): Development of a wearable device with integrated services to support the independent living of old persons.

OUAS (Oulu University of Applied Sciences)

  1. Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OUAS) is working on a large variety of R&D projects. Among other research topics, there are few relevant to Ubiquitous Computing. Those areUbiAtHome (Ubiquitous Infrastructure at Home), SPIN (Wellfare from Innovations, EU

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