State of the art report and proposed architectures for AAL solutions, Standards evaluation reports

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The project LILY – Advanced Support for Independent Living; Human LifeCycle Approach in Senior Housing is a cooperative project with the objective to create a sustainable senior-centered system for a comprehensive innovative management of independence and participation in ‘Self-Serve Society’ via advanced ICT for people aged around 55 and above.

LILY focuses on the improvement of the quality of life, autonomy, and participation in social life through an adaptable home environment for managing activities of daily living (ADL). The target groups of the system are

  • Older persons living in their private home who can use the system to manage their ADL
  • Care givers, social workers and family members who can use the system to stay in contact with their clients/relatives, jointly arrange activities and receive feedback
  • Public and private service providers who can announce activities and/or offer various kinds of services to partake in those activities

This deliverable at hand tries to give a brief overview on the state-of-the-art, architectures and standards for AAL solutions.

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