UbiHomeServer Front-end to the Ubiquitous Home Environment

Vadym Kramar, Markku Korhonen, Yury Sergeev

Oulu University of Applied Sciences, School of Engineering, Pehr Brahe Center for Industrial and Services ICT (PBOL) Raahe, Finland
{vadym.kramar, markku.korhonen, yury.sergeev}@oamk.fi


5-9 November 2012

To assist independent living of senior citizens at their homes, a large variety of systems are used. The most sophisticated solutions are built using ambient technologies. A number of technology platforms are designed to provide ubiquitous services for maintaining a high quality of life while reducing operational expenses. Interoperability between platforms at different levels, including GUIs’ dependences on devices is still a major weakness of many modern solutio ns. In a given work a vision of the Ubiquitous Home Environment is presented with respect to the ICT Home Services delivery. An implementation of a serving engine developed at Oulu University of Applied Sciences – the UbiHomeServer – is described. An abstracted view to its front-end is introduced. Such abstraction may reduce GUIs’ dependences on devices and thus increase an interoperability of a system.

Index Terms: Elderly, Senior Citizen, User Interface, Mobile, Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Touch Screen, Service, Ubiquitous, Home Environment.

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