Model of Interactions in Biology and Application to Heterogeneous Network in Yeast.

Smidtas S., Yartseva A., Scachter V., Kepes F.

Compte Rendus de l'Accademie des Sciences - Biologies, 2006

A major challenge for bioinformatics and theoretical biology is to build and analyse a unified model of biological knowledge resulting from high throughput experiment data. Former work analyzed hetero- geneous data (protein-protein interactions, genetic regulation, metabolism, synexpression) by modelling them by graphs. These models are unable to represent the qualitative dynamics of the reactions or to model the n-ary interactions. Here, MIB, a bipartite model of biological networks, is introduced, and its use for topological analysis of the heterogeneous network is presented. Heterogeneous loops and links between synexpression pattern and underlying molecular mechanisms are proposed

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Movie corresponding to Figure 1. Artistic movie view of the MIB model
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